As an additional learning recourse for the Baltic Digital Skills Development Programme, we are purposing customised learning path scenarios for key jobs and horizontal skills that are most widely in demand. These scenarios showcase how role-based learning can be tailored to develop the skills needed for roles such as those of a Sales Representative, Digital Marketing Specialist, Web Designer or Accountant. The content includes collaborative courses, all taught by industry-expert instructors, allowing individuals to move through content and demonstrate their learning with a certificate of completion. The core and soft skills acquired in each scenario can be incorporated with Microsoft Learn for more technical roles, thus mastering the most sought-after skills in widely used technologies.  The combination of core, soft and technical skills provides opportunities for jobs that are in-demand in today’s economy and are well-positioned to continue evolving in future.


Digital Marketing Specialist

To become a digital marketing specialist, you need to have good analytical and tactical skills in order to develop new opportunities for businesses. Nowadays digital marketing isn’t just a simple commercial or banner on an internet news site, but a complex set of different channels with social media and e-mail marketing playing a huge role in ensuring success in digital marketing.

To be able to successfully use digital marketing channels as social media, you need to be good at data and data analytics to select strategies and channels for ads. In Module I of the Baltic Digital Skills Development Programme, you can learn how to make sense of data and how to use data knowledge to your advantage! Sign up for the programme and start creating new opportunities for your business!

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Finance and Accounting Specialist

No business can ever exist without a finance and accounting specialist, but it takes more than just some numbers and accounting software programmes to keep track of everything.

To help your business grow and improve finances and budgeting, data analysis is the key. For business to run successfully, you need to learn how to use financial data to diagnose business conditions, identify issues, and develop plans, as well as to determine how money will be spent to get work done and see how to prepare and maintain realistic budgets.

The Baltic Digital Skills Development Programme’s Business and Data Analysis learning course will help you to learn how to use data and business analytics to your advantage.

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Sales Specialist

Sales is hard. Throw in today's volatility and it gets even tougher. At the same time though, there are opportunities to hone your expertise.

For a sales representative, it is very important to be able to make sense of the data, as it can improve sales immensely. You can even be one step ahead and think outside the box – use AI and chatbots to improve the customer support and efficiency.

The Baltic Digital Skills Development Programme offers you Business and Data Analysis, as well as Low-code/no-code platform fundamentals learning courses, which will enable you to create your own apps, improve business automation and use AI to optimize services and customer experience.

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Web Design and Development

Innovations and continuous development of technologies have become the norm, as more businesses go online every day. Digitalization is faster than ever before and we now spend a big part of our lives is online. Designing and developing web pages are highly sought-after skills nowadays, but why stop there?

For most businesses online, customer care is a big part of success reflecting the fact that customers are becoming more impatient when it comes to customer support.

We can help you with this! The Baltic Digital Skills Development Programme offers a learning course in Low-code/no-code platform fundamentals. Discover how AI and chatbots can help you to communicate with customers through your website and learn how to build a simple AI assistant yourself. Find out how you can create apps to optimise business processes and many other things that will help you to create additional features for your web page.

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Project Manager

No matter what industry they are in, a broad knowledge and skill base will always benefit project managers, enabling them to make an excellent contribution to each and every project they are involved in. They need to know how to manage projects from beginning to end using different project management techniques. But each and every technique and strategy needs to be justified and the best way to do this is by using data.

You can learn business and data analysis with the help of the Baltic Digital Skills Development Programme. The Business and Data Analysis learning course will improve your data understanding, analysis and visualisation skills, providing you with a better appreciation of how to make data-based decisions.

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