University of Latvia Innovation centre LUMIC in cooperation with Microsoft continues to improve the digital skills of the Baltic citizens by organizing virtual internships, which will take place from April 15 to May 14.

Many people are determined to participate in the Digital Skills Development Program - 332 people from all the Baltic countries have successfully passed the final exam in the course "Low-code/No-code platform fundamentals", and on March 17 this already large number was supplemented by 713 course participants who successfully passed the exam in the course “Business and Data Analysis”. A logical next step is to offer course participants the opportunity to put this newly acquired knowledge into practice.

University of Latvia and Microsoft, as well as partners in Lithuania and Estonia will address their existing and potential partners who could provide internships for course participants. During the internship, trainees will process, model and visualize the data offered by the company, create statistical reports, develop innovative applications and conversation bots, as well as create data flows to simplify and automate the company's processes.

The internships will take place under the guidance of company mentors, who will be trained according to a methodology developed specifically for these internships. During the internship, the University of Latvia will provide an opportunity for interns to acquire several trainings for self-growth and successful internship.

Potential trainees who have successfully passed the final exam will be informed individually about the opportunities to participate in the internship. Registration is open from March 22. To register for internship, please visit link https://ieej.lv/JrXud