Specific Objective 1.1.1 "Improve research and innovation capacity and the ability of Latvian research institutions to attract external funding, by investing in human capital and infrastructure" activity “Innovation grants for students”. Project of University of Latvia Nr. “University of Latvia Innovation Grants for Students”.

Name of the project: University of Latvia Innovation Grants for Students

Number of project implementation agreement: Nr.

Project partners: Accenture, A/S SEB banka, Institute of Solid State Physics of the University of Latvia, University of Latvia Foundation, Riga Technical University, SIA "Green Industry Innovation Center", SIA ADSUM, SIA Baltic Computer Academy, union Windhakers.

Project duration: June 2019 – November 2023 (54 months)

Total cost of the project: EUR 3 332 001.00 (ERDF funding EUR 2 499 000, private co-financing EUR 833 001).

Project manager: Anta Klepecka, e-mail: anta.klepecka@lu.lv

Short info about the project:

The aim of the project is to promote the implementation of the UL students’ innovation proposals, to develop students' innovation capacity and entrepreneurial spirit by addressing the issues of social importance either for society at large or its part, through higher education institutions and students cooperation with economic operators.

The planning of the project is based on the development strategy of the University of Latvia, the evaluation of the faculty performance and the topicalities of the identified industry, the priorities and objectives of the Latvian Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3), as well as Latvian policy planning documents.

Main activities planned in the project:

  1. Development of students’ ability to innovate and entrepreneurial ability by engaging in the improvement and development of new curricula, including practical parts of curricula that help to stimulate students' innovativeness, skills, entrepreneurial ability.
  2. Development of student innovation capacity by organizing innovation-supporting informative events, creating teams (including among students from different universities), performing prototype development in the pre-incubation phase.
  3. Resolving issues important for businessmen (entrepreneurs’ knowledge and innovation challenges / issues), by taking part in the process of innovative business development.
  4. Development of student innovations and entrepreneurial ability, planning the creation and development of their potential business (at the stage of development of students' innovative capacity before the incubation phase)
  5. In cooperation with the project partner Riga Technical University and SIA Green Industry Innovation Center to incubate students' business ideas (until the start-up of the new company).

At different stages of the Student Innovation Programme it is planned to select students for implementation of the innovation programme, provide students with access to laboratories, materials, as well as scientific management of innovative developments. Public presentations of innovative works are planned at the end of each stage, while the authors of the best works are awarded a single scholarship.