Project title: Healthy human intestinal metagenoma model and its applications based on large data

Project agreement number: KC-L-2017/5, Project ID Nr. KC-PI-2020/53

The project is implemented by: Innovation Center of the University of Latvia

Project implementation deadline: 1 April 2020 - 30 September 2020

Total financing of the project: 27 777.78 EUR

Amount of support financing (90%): EUR 25,000.00

LU financing share (10%): 2 777.78 EUR

Scientific supervisor of the project:, leading researcher of the Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine of the University of Latvia. Inese Poļaka

Aim of the project: To develop a metagenoma model of a healthy human digestive system based on metagenoma and patient phenotypic data.

The main results of the project: a metagenomic model of a healthy human digestive system, as well as an information system (as a module of an existing system) for the analysis of metagenomic data.

Brief summary of the project: To create the model, it is planned to use and supplement the existing infrastructure of the University of Latvia data lake, which is able to integrate and analyze gene and phenotypic data. The purpose of the model is to define the intestinal metagenoma of a healthy human intestinal tract and related parameters that will allow the identification of abnormalities and possible exposure to return the intestinal metagenoma to normal.