Student Deep Science Hackathon, organized by the University of Latvia Institute of Solid State Physics, is a 48-hour marathon that will identify the strongest and most interesting ideas (STEM areas) and create interdisciplinary teams with innovation potential.

Hackathon is a meeting place for various levels and professions, and the format of the event is particularly relevant for students.

The goal of students DSH is to develop creative thinking, innovative skills, entrepreneurship as well as skills to create and develop new ideas, to prepare and improve students' skills for cooperation with students, scientists, scientific institutes, companies and organizations of different fields:

  • Develop and improve management skills;
  • To develop the ability to find a leader in a team, to recognize a team player;
  • To develop skills to innovate and creatively analyse problem situations and to develop proposals for solving such problems;
  • To promote and develop a structured way of thinking that helps constructively and quickly build a path from problem to solution;
  • To develop skills to produce non-standard ideas and solutions for achieving goals;
  • To develop and perfect creative and constructive team work skills.