The New Technologies and Innovation Day is held every year, giving students, researchers and graduates an opportunity to demonstrate and evaluate the progress made during the year. All 13 faculties of the University of Latvia present their achievements in research and science.

Innovations in the context of this day are not limited to technologies, but are associated with a creative, forward-looking view of each particular industry and its development.

During this day, events at the House of Science and House of Nature are held - contests, quizzes, discussions, exhibitions, presentations, and more. It is also possible to visit laboratories and get acquainted with the ongoing research activities in an interactive and also popular-scientific manner.

The target audience is current, past and future students of the University of Latvia, and other persons interested in this event.

The aim of this event is to demonstrate the achievements of existing and former students of the University of Latvia in an exciting and understandable way to promote the public interest in studies, science, innovations, and to strengthen people's confidence that science today is an open, perspective, innovative and exciting industry.

The New Technologies and Innovation Day integrates the annual UL Alumni Day, which was a separate event, and enables graduates to demonstrate what they have achieved as they have proven themselves in science, art and other fields.