On May 20, 2022, scientists and researchers of the largest university of Latvia will gather on the New Technologies and Innovations Day of the University of Latvia, presenting the latest discoveries and achievements. New Technology and Innovation Day will be held for the fourth time. This time it will also be marked as the final event of the project “University of Latvia Innovation Grants for Students”.

This time, the guiding principle is "Science without Borders", which symbolically reflects the values ​​and goals of the University of Science. Science and technology development are not limited by time or space - they transcend geographical, sectoral and mental boundaries. There are no limits to the development of science, either vertically or horizontally, and achievements depend only on courage and openness.

The most important moment of the opening will be the presentation of the World Map projection with marked points where LU graduates and scientists have left their mark. Visitors to the event will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the achievements of the past year in innovation, support in the creation of start-up companies, promotion of scientific cooperation, outstanding excellence among students, doctoral students and researchers.

Conversations with inspirational people, success stories about the use of technology and discoveries await those present. Presentations of the best teams of the idea laboratory, awarding and closing of the evening. Everyone will be able to get inspired, learn something new and also take part in one of the activities.

"The aim of the New Technologies and Innovation Day is to showcase the latest discoveries in technology and science in an exciting and understandable way for all, thus raising public awareness and interest in study, research and innovation and strengthening our confidence that science is open, attractive and promising today." emphasizes prof. Signe Bāliņa, Head of LU Innovation Center of the University of Latvia. She emphasizes that with a good idea and enough motivation, everyone can make their ideas real and sustainable, developing them all the way to business.