University of Latvia Innovation Centre LUMIC

On September 13, 2017, Microsoft Latvia in cooperation with the University of Latvia opened the Innovation Center of the University of Latvia and Microsoft.

This is the only Microsoft innovation center in the Baltics. It calls for gathering and cooperation between representatives of various industries, entrepreneurs, ICT professionals, public sector representatives, researchers, students and pupils to jointly create innovative solutions, promote digital transformation in Latvia and strengthen Riga's position as the center of the Baltic region and innovation city.

The Innovation Center is accessible to anyone interested in innovation and technology.

By developing and promoting various networks, the Innovation Center has become a local innovation platform and business center.

The mission of the Innovation Center is to promote digital transformation and develop innovative solutions in Latvia. Industry professionals, students, entrepreneurs, researchers, the public sector, and Microsoft experts work together to create new ideas for Latvian innovation projects.

LUMIC provides an opportunity for anyone interested to participate and promote the development of the local ICT market to such an extent that it will significantly affect the overall Latvian economy. This means increasing employment, developing interdisciplinary cooperation, creating new solutions, services and promoting investment opportunities in the following areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Data analytics
  • Internet of Things

The Innovation Center operates in two main directions:

  • Implementation of innovative cross-sectoral ICT projects with a focus on cloud technologies, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence solutions
  • Promotion of ICT education and support for training of new specialists

In order to achieve and implement the goal and programs set by the Innovation Center, events for various interest groups are regularly organized and take place in the premises of the Innovation Center:

  • For entrepreneurs
  • For academics - scientists and researchers
  • Start-ups
  • For students and pupils
  • For developers and IT professionals
  • Industry experts and specialists
  • Business solution developers and partners
  • For public sector decision makers

The Innovation Center has developed and operates four programs:

  • Startup development program
  • Program for the development of new digital skills
  • Application and solution development program
  • Ecosystem development program