CrisisLab impact program - student teams looked for answers to the problem situations submitted by various Latvian organizations, which arose as a result of the global pandemic, the state of emergency and the established restrictions on movement, assembly and social distance.

As part of the activity, participants had the opportunity to attend valuable online seminars or webinars on idea generation and validation, led by industry professionals and experts, which helped participants not only to develop their own solutions, but also provided valuable knowledge in other life situations and learning in general.

The results are real, practical solutions in companies, organizations, state and municipal institutions. Wherever there is a problem and it needs to be solved by putting together ideas, tools, minds and experiences. In addition, the sustainability of the project or solution is very important.

The CrisisLab initiative is organized by higher education institutions that implement the ERDF co-financed project “Innovation Grants for Students”: University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, Latvian Maritime Academy, Ventspils University College, Liepaja University. School of Business Administration Turiba also participates in the activity.