By supporting University of Latvia Students’ Innovation Grants programme, you support the most talented students and help to increase productiveness of Latvian businesses and their competitiveness in global scale.

Aim of the programme: to encourage UL students’ ability to innovate and entrepreneurial ability by resolving issues important for entrepreneurs and for society at large, to help promote global competitiveness of Latvia and its wellbeing.

Duration of the programme: Year 2019 – 2022.

Implemented activities and results achieved by year 2022:

  • Students engaged in programme – 3000
  • Number of applied research – 10
  • Innovations developed – 100
  • Students engaged in innovation internships – 300
  • Participants of UL Student business Incubator – 200
  • Festival IceBreaker – 4 events and 1500 participants
  • New Technology and Innovation Day – 4 events and 1000 participants
  • Hackathons and innovation courses – 50

Funding: 3,3 million euros, as well as funding from entrepreneurs and private funding.

The best of the best are already supported by: